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a tour made just for you

Whether you are a company, a school, or a group of friends, we can arrange a private tour to suit your needs.

All of our bike and walking tours can start and end at any time and place. You will be assigned a dedicated tour planner to help meet all of your expectations.

Private tours cannot be booked online. To book a private tour, please contact Mona Jamil directly at or 00 31 62 332 96 45.

Corporate Tour (Walk or Bike)

How about a bit of fresh air after a long day of meetings at the office? Amsterbike can organize a private walking or bike tour for you and your colleagues. We can deliver the bikes to any location, and pick them up! You have the option to end your tour at any place of your choice.

School Tour (Walk or Bike)

We have lots of experience in entertaining school and college students. This tour will be enlightening and sure to keep everyone happy. Make sure to ask about our special discounts!

Family or Friends Tour (Walk or Bike)

A weekend in Amsterdam with your friends and family wouldn't be complete without a fun, outdoor activity! Let us arrange a private tour for you.

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