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Go Team

An Exciting Way To Get To Know Your Team

Amsterbike specializes in bringing people together, we have hosted many companies over the last 13 years, and we love that all have left with valuable and life-changing experiences. There is no better way to motivate your team than by having fun on our unique team-building tour. We want to encourage you to build wholesome relationships with your colleagues and elevate your strengths with skill-building activities that are proven to be successful, all while you're having fun! This tour is fully customizable and includes special services like delivering bikes to your location, starting the tour at a time most convenient to you, picking you up from your hotel, arranging transportation, and more. Our team is committed to excellence and we hope to exceed all of your expectations.

Team building tours start at €34.95 and cannot be booked online. To book a team building tour, please contact Mona Jamil directly at or 00 31 62 332 96 45.

Activities We Offer

Cooking Class

Do you and your friends fancy Dutch, French, or other cuisines? This activity will teach you all about it. Work in teams while learning the art of cooking! 

Amsterdam Breweries Tour

Are you a fan of beer? This special tour takes you through the brewing process of authentic Dutch craft beer. Get ready to use your taste buds!

City Game (Walk or Bike)

Have you always wanted to discover the beauty of Amsterdam in a different way? Try the city game with your friends and/or colleagues. Have a great day exploring the city center with your team by solving riddles and chasing clues!

Escape Room

Are you ready to challenge your friends and yourself by solving multiple exciting puzzles under pressure? Try one of Amsterdam's special escape rooms! Some of the unique themes you can book include cabin in the woods, a private art collection gallery, and even a Sherlock Holmes theme! 


Have you always wanted to try team building in a different way? Try bingo! This game of luck is a fan favorite and there are many different options throughout the city. Get to know Amsterdam through bingo! 

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